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The event is about 3.0 hours long.

About the event

A great concert is always a gift. And an even more precious treasure since the start of the pandemic. The Festival Orchestra’s Christmas concert is the biggest musical surprise during the holidays. Never out of ideas, Iván Fischer creates a program each year making maximum use of the ensemble’s versatility. It will never get boring, since the excellent musicians of BFO perform alternately as orchestra players, chamber musicians or soloists in the most diverse genres and styles. This evening features Baroque, Classical and contemporary pieces, as well as jazz and folk music. This time, the power of surprise, as well as the delight of enjoying the usual high standard, will be even greater, and the atmosphere even more celebratory, as, after a Christmas of many hardships, we will again be able to have the experience called “the most beautiful Christmas present” in a comment.

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