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International Friends of the BFO

The BFO’s network of international friends helps the orchestra on a global stage, through fundraising and organising local events. Supporters of the orchestra living abroad are warmly welcomed to join the international BFO Friends groups organised around the world. For more information, please contact us at by email, or call us at +36 1 489 4333.

Cynthia Arnold from Minneapolis is a regular visitor at the BFO’s concerts in the US. She decided to make a donation to the orchestra’s US Friends in memory of her husband, Peter Otto Stahl, who passed away in early May in 2021. This is how Cynthia wrote about her connection to the orchestra:

„Peter and I were thrilled every time we were able to attend a BFO concert and listen to the recordings of this exceptional orchestra. Our most recent concert was in New York now quite a few years ago. We heard nuances, delicacies in the music that we had never recognized before. We were touched by the magic and revelation that Mr. Fischer brought to his music. We also want to support freedom and democracy in the world and applaud Mr. Fischer’s position on social issues. My husband loved classical music and this orchestra was special to us.”