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Musical journey in Budapest
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Musical journey in Budapest

June82 p.m.
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Marc-Antoine Charpentier:
Te deum in D major, H. 146 – I. Prelude

George Frideric Handel:
Water Music – I. Hornpipe, II. Air, III. Hornpipe (arranged by Erwin Knopper)

Giles Farnaby:
Fancies, Toyes and Dreames – I. The Old Spagnoletta, II. Tell me Daphne, III. A toye (arranged by Elgar Howarth)

Weiner Leó:
Fox Dance (arranged by Károly Friedrich)

George Gershwin:
Love is here to stay (arranged by Bill Holcombe)

Nino Rota:
Huit et demi (arranged by Jean Brouquières)

Aram Khachaturian:
Sabre Dance a Gayane című balettből (arranged by Diego Marani)

Scott Joplin:
Gladiolus Rag
Entertainer Rag

Tom Turpin:
Harlem Rag

Lew Pollack:
That’s a Plenty (arranged by Cooper/CCB)

Admission to the concert is only possible with a valid Zoo ticket or annual pass.



Other information

The event is about 45 minutes long.

About the event

Budapest can only remain a liveable, loveable, and throbbing metropolis if it builds upon a strong and cohesive network of small communities. To make this a reality, we need new platforms and habits, and fresh experiences in our cultural life. Strengthening this is the aim of the newest cooperation of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the City of Budapest too, within the framework of which chamber ensembles of our orchestra give live or online miniconcerts at important institutions of Budapest.

The program is supported by the Municipality of Budapest.