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The great intensification; eroticism without obscenity; the 2019 Ravel marathon.

Following a number of outstanding productions, the climax and closing piece of the 2019 Ravel marathon was the performance of Bolero which featured Pál Frenák’s dancers, filling the narrow space between the orchestra and the audience with their exceptional presence. This unique meeting of music and choreography is unforgettable.

As music critic Miklós Fáy wrote in his blog: “And I can’t believe this can be further intensified, every sound is in place, perfectly calibrated musical power, choreographic power; in the end, white dancers stand in front of the conductor, and you hear what you see and you see what you hear, a total craze, but without any obscenity, you wish for the end while wishing it would never end. And this is what happens. It comes to an end but the memory lingers.”

View Müpa Budapest’s recording of the final three minutes of the performance.

Visit the website of the Pál Frenák company, here, to view more photos of the performance.