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Some memories are like the space left by a picture missing from the wall.

Cultural historian András Török, author of the great Budapest Guides told us back in 2014 that after the rehearsal of the very first BFO concert, where Mozart's Great G-minor Symphony, K. 550 was in the program, a member of the orchestra rushed to him and asked if he had any idea for a gift that they could give Iván Fischer in two days... “I used to work as a typographer at that time and subscribed to a special large format magazine. There was a brilliant page in an older issue with all the Mozart pieces belonging to the 626 Köchel numbers appearing on one page. I tore it out from the magazine, had it framed within a day and drew a tick by number 550 with a silver marker on the outside of the glass: that one is ticked."

The marvelous gift has been swept away by the past four decades, so who knows just how many numbers of that Köchel catalogue have been ticked by the orchestra?