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Hanna Csatlós, a journalist at HVG accompanied us on a tour in Hamburg in 2019. She wanted to find out what made the BFO so highly attractive to musicians.

Hanna talked to several of our musicians, who described the BFO from the inside in such a compelling manner that we would really like to quote all their sentences

For example, double bass player Zsolt Fejérvári lists the attributes required for an outstanding conductor: “He should speak four or five languages, be an excellent music historian and also highly cultured as compositions do not just hang in the air, but are culturally embedded. Then he must have good ears, a strong dramaturgical sense and a good sense of humor while also being a fantastic psychologist who knows how communities function. He should be a great leader, an HR genius and a great PR expert, with an extremely good feel for finance and the charisma to persuade others like that of the organizer of a pyramid scheme. He should play at least two or three instruments, but definitely a keyboard, read scores perfectly well, be fearfully smart and have a fantastic memory. He must have great hands so that his gestures can be understood, and having good timing, and taste is also extremely important.”

Well, simply that’s all there is to it.