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Paper chairs reborn

Paper chairs reborn

For Edina Gyenes’s family, classical music has always been important; she strives to share her love of classical music with her daughters. The BFO is present in their home, but not only through music and melodies: they enjoy using the signature paper chairs of the BFO’s outdoor concerts as quaint pieces of furniture in their home. Let's celebrate our 40th birthday with BFO stories!

My family gets its love of classical music from my mother. Regular visits to concerts, theater performances and the opera were a part of our lives until I was a young adult. Together with my mother, we have attended a number of the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s outdoor concerts in Heroes’ Square, and we always managed to get some paper chairs. We enjoy using them to this day!

I now have two daughters of my own: the older one is four and a half, and she just loves music. We have season passes to the Cocoa Concerts, and Bojána is there for each performance, either with my mother or with me. And she loves it! I know that we will have her along for the next outdoor concert.

Our kids also love the paper chairs: they can just reach the table from them when sitting down to draw or play with playdough. When we’re getting ready for the Cocoa Concert, Bojána picks out her prettiest dress, and sits on the paper chair while I comb her hair. Because these are special occasions, she also gets a little kids’ make-up on her face to be all fancy.

Photo: Gábor Máté