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Budapest Festival Orchestra to fill the Aquincum Museum with music


Budapest Festival Orchestra to fill the Aquincum Museum with music

The Budapest Festival Orchestra’s Music Fair and Family Day will be offering free programs for families at the Aquincum Museum and Archeological Park on June 15. From 10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., the programs will fill the sunny and shaded corners and sometimes even the halls of the museum with music. On this special day, some of the instruments heard at the concerts can be also tried out, as well as dances, games, treats and even an electric car.

During the Music Fair and Family Day of the BFO, a chamber music concert will start every hour. All the orchestra’s concert formats and initiatives for children will be introduced. Those who have been trying to visit the always sold-out Cocoa Concerts can now do it for free. Kids who have had no opportunity to see the Music Castle program at their school can now follow the adventures of the Town Musicians of Bremen. They can also participate in the interactive Choose your Instrument event, where they can pick up some instruments and try to play them with the help of the BFO’s musicians. It could even be the Family Day where a kid wishing to play music and their instrument find each other.

In addition to loads of music, artists of the SZETT Association will offer arts and crafts activities for youngsters, including making pom-poms and weaving, while glitter tattoos, an essential part of family events, will be also available. Children keen to investigate can search the museum for the hidden questions of a music-themed crossword puzzle.

The Family Day will also feature a varied program of concerts for older visitors. There will be elegant Baroque pieces, one of Dvořák’s string quartets and the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s popular folk trio, István Kádár, András Szabó and Zsolt Fejérvári will also perform while audiences can enjoy learning some folk dances. The BFO’s percussionists will show the whole family the power of rhythm in an entertaining manner, andthe orchestra’s brass players will take a journey into jazz.

The Festival Orchestra's corporate partners are offering programs related to sustainability. AutoWallis will present two of its Chinese electric models, the BYD Atto3 and the BYD Dolphin, both highly anticipated also in Hungary. During the event, visitors can sit in the cars and sign up for a test drive later. Eisberg will welcome kids with a tasty and playful program, where they can carve different forms out of vegetables and taste a variety of salad mixes.

This free event supported by the Municipality of Budapest, opens at 10.30. In addition to season passes for the 2024-25 season, tickets for individual concerts will be also available at the BFO stand, as well as the commemorative album of the closing jubilee season and the internationally acclaimed new Eroica recording.