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Synagogue Concert of the BFO and OMIKE

May9, 7:00 P.M.
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Claude Debussybio:
PRÉLUDE À L’APRÈS-MIDI D’UN FAUNE (Afternoon of a Faun – transcript by Arnold Schönbergbio)

Maurice Ravelbio:
Introduction and Allegro

The letter of the day: Aleph

Maurice Ravelbio:
Ma mère l’Oye ( Tales of Mother Goose – transcript by Iain Farrington)


Literature (will be performed in Hungarian):

Bertolt Brecht:
The Burning of the Books (translated by Gábor Klein)
Read by Nóra Diána Takács
Mihály Babits:
Book propaganda and book burning
Read by Károly Hajduk
Esther Dischereit:
Ich find das komisch (translated by Eszter Toldi)
Read by Nóra Diána Takács

Igor Stravinskybio:
Petrushka – excerpts (transcript by Yuval Saphiro)

Klezmer music

The musicians of the Budapest Festival Orchestra led by Iván Fischer.


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The event is about 3.0 hours long.