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Marathon 2024: a day to fill Müpa Budapest with northern romance


Marathon 2024: a day to fill Müpa Budapest with northern romance

The next marathon invites audiences primarily to the Nordic world of Grieg, Nielsen and Sibelius on February 4, 2024 with concerts in the two main hallsof Müpa Budapest on. The Budapest Festival Orchestra – a coorganizer of the event – will perform this time under the baton of the Finnish conductor Anna-Maria Helsing.

Müpa Budapest and the Budapest Festival Orchestra have organized musical marathons every year since 2008. From morning until late in the evening, back-to-back concerts generally present the highlights of the oeuvres of a particular composer, with the performances held in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and the Festival Theater.

From Bach to Brahms, Bartók and Bernstein, a number of prominent composers have been featured at the marathons of the past fifteen years. Beethoven was spotlighted in two marathons, and one time the line-up presented the works of two composers, Ravel and Debussy.

The 2024 marathon will pay tribute to not only one or two composers, but to the masters of Scandinavian music, highlighting the works in particular of Norway’s Edvard Grieg, Denmark’s Carl Nielsen and Finland’s Jean Sibelius. Northern Europe is known for its rugged and magnificent landscape and natural treasures; it is also a unique phenomenon in music. The Nordic composers of the late romantic period included references to the beauty, folk traditions and ancient beliefs of their homelands in their works. Visitors to Müpa Budapest on February 4, 2024 will encounter familiar pieces and unique works hardly ever heard before.

As in years past, select representatives of Hungary’s symphony orchestras will take the stage during the day. In addition to Hungarian performers, the event will also feature international guest stars. Sweden’s Miah Persson’s selection of songs will include pieces by Nordic composers which are rarely heard. The world-famous soprano will be accompanied on the piano by Magnus Svensson.

The Festival Orchestra’s musicians will take the stage both in symphonic as well as chamber music formations during the day. The performance of Sibelius’s Symphony No. 1 will be led this time by the Finnish conductor Anna-Maria Helsing.

Artistic directors of the series: Iván Fischer and Csaba Káel.

Click here for the program of the February 4, 2024 Marathon: Northern Romance.