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Iván Fischer to travel to Israel


Iván Fischer to travel to Israel

The Budapest Festival Orchestra’s music director Iván Fischer will travel to Israel on January 19 at the invitation of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. He will conduct performances of the ensemble in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem between January 22 and 28.

The concerts will feature the works of Saint-Saëns, Debussy, Satie and Ravel, with Julian Steckel performing cello solos. Each of the concerts will begin with Antonín Dvořák's piece Nocturne. In a statement, the orchestra described its choice to include the work: "The Nocturne was recently added to this concert’s program at the request of Maestro Iván Fischer, who would like to express his compassion for all victims of the present war, sending comfort to their families and hope to all those whose loved ones are still in danger."

The conductor will spend ten days in Israel. Commenting on the message of his visiting appearance as conductor, he said, "now is the time to help, to give spiritual support and strength to all those who are victims of this terrible war."

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