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The BFO donated masks to the elderly


The BFO donated masks to the elderly

The Budapest Festival Orchestra donated 1,800 masks to the elderly residents of the Olive Branch Homes in Zugló.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra is planning a tour in China in November and Wu Promotion, one of our partners in Beijing, donated us 1,800 masks in the framework of our cooperation. “We wish safety and good health to all members of the orchestra. The masks are intended for those who need them the most,” wrote Jiatong Wu, the head of the production company. The BFO’s management decided to send the masks to the most vulnerable residents of the capital, and the elderly living in the senior home in Zugló received the care package accompanied by a short musical performance.

Orsolya Erdődy, the Managing Director of the orchestra said: “We have been maintaining a very close relationship with the senior homes around the country, especially with those based in Budapest. We performed concerts in more than 100 such facilities as part of our free Community Weeks. It is always heart-wrenching to see how much live music and personal meetings mean to elderly and sick people. It is almost impossible to sit through these concerts with dry eyes. We did not want to leave elderly people behind in these difficult months - even though we could not perform a full concert yet, the delivery of masks was made complete with a short Beethoven duet.”