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Georg Philipp Telemannbio:
Fantazia No. 3, TWV 40:4
Levente Szabó (alto recorder)

Edward Elgarbio:
Chanson de matin, Op.15/2
Ágnes Biró (violin), Emese Mali (piano)

Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodríguez:
La Cumparsita
Zsuzsanna Szlávik, Pál Jász (violin), Éva Eckhardt (cello), Roland Csalló (clarinet), István Kurcsák (percussion)

Claude Debussy:
Syrinx (L. 129)
Anett Jóföldi (flute)

Joseph Haydnbio:
String Quartet in F Major, Op. 3/5, Hob.lll:17 – Andante cantabile, Scherzando
Mária Gál-Tamási, Anikó Mózes (violin), István Polónyi (viola), Gabriella Liptai (cello)

Irving Berlin:
Blue Skies (transcript by Richard Percival)
Ákos Ács, Rudolf Szitka, Roland Csalló(clarinet), Zsuzsanna Majzik (bass clarinet)

Julius Fučík:
Florentiner March (transcript by Franz Watz)
Balázs Szakszon, Attila Sztán (euphonium), József Bazsinka Jr., József Bazsinka (tuba)


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The event is about 1.0 hours long.

About the event

For almost a quarter of a century, the Festival Orchestra’s program series for children has brought a high-quality classical musical experience to the youngest. The orchestra’s rehearsal room not only serves experimenting with the tiniest details of the symphonic pieces to be performed or playing chamber music, but also as the venue for educating the next generation of classical music lovers. There is no better promotion of these events than the fact that several members of the BFO’s loyal audiences came to love music at these Cocoa Concerts, with a polka-dot mug in their hands. And nowadays they bring their own kids. While listening to the performance of the orchestra’s excellent musicians in a cozy atmosphere, the audience will learn about the instruments of the symphony orchestra and concert etiquette in a playful and interactive manner. After the concert, the kids can have a mug of cocoa in the lobby.

Since 2015, we have also offered an autism-friendly version of our Cocoa Concerts thanks to the contribution of Nemzetközi Cseperedő Alapítvány (an international foundation to support children and their families living with autism). In order to ensure that the children living with autism do not encounter anything unexpected during the concert, the BFO provides the families with some information material in advance to help them prepare the children for the visual and auditory stimuli.

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