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“Until now, I thought only the Mass in B major could be so uplifting!”


“Until now, I thought only the Mass in B major could be so uplifting!”

We mean it when we say that we rely on the energy our audiences give us, both on the stage and off. Your applause, smiles and attention are all gifts to us; and if someone takes the time to write about a musical experience they had with us, there is little more we could ask for. We are grateful for the very sincere and kind message we received from one of our audience members, Klári Fehér Semjén, following our community concert in the Lutheran Church of Budapest-Fasor. We were overjoyed to read her words, and hope you will be as well!

Dear Maestro,

I would like to apologize for taking up your time with my message, but more than ever I feel that I have to share with you – and, if you so choose, with your fellow musicians – the wonderful experience I had at the Lutheran Church of Budapest-Fasor, thanks to your Baroque chamber ensemble. Thank you! I am grateful to all of you for bringing such joy and happiness to your audiences with these programs, which mean so much, particularly during these difficult times.

I would like to note that while I have been a devotee and listener of symphonic music ever since my adolescence – and I am 77 now –, for some reason, chamber music had eluded me for the most part. This time, however, I was very glad to go to the concert advertised at the church; the two master composers and the BFO were the only guarantees I needed.

What I received was a tremendous gift, and one which to this day warms my soul and fills me with life. At the end of the concert, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks (and I don’t cry very often!), and a sense of some great happiness – I was in heaven! Until now, I thought only the Mass in B major could be so uplifting!

I was truly surprised, so I began to do a little analysis of what may have happened. First, it must have been the especially selfless way the musicians played, paying attention to each other and not looking to “play each other off the stage.” Their humble approach to the music was wonderful. The musical notes came together as one, and the singers played their role in this perfectly.

All this was complemented by the musicians’ love towards their instruments: they did not try to force or over-emphasize their own instruments (no matter how much they love them), which is how this magical concert was able to come together as a shared gentle performance of music that was, fittingly in this beautiful church, quite heavenly.

I will treasure this miracle! Many thanks to you and your fellow musicians. With warm appreciation:

Klári Fehér Semjén

The photo is for illustration purposes only, and was taken at our community concert in Siófok.