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The most wonderful link


The most wonderful link

Zsófia Székely, a member of the BFO Patrons, has been a music-lover since she was little. Together with her husband, visiting concerts was their favorite activity together. Forty years ago, they started saving their concert tickets: they now have a collection of four hundred BFO concert tickets. Let's celebrate our 40th birthday with BFO stories!

"I listened to a lot of music when I was little. I met my husband in elementary school, in second grade, and we both became interested in music at a very young age. We were not particularly successful at learning music: neither one of us was very talented, so all we could do was visit concerts. From a young age we seized every opportunity we could.

After we were married, this remained the strongest link, which has held us together our entire lives. In 1984, there was an opera performance that my husband liked so much that he kept his ticket. Since then, there was not a single concert experience where we didn’t save our tickets. My husband recorded the date, the venue, the performers and the concert program on the back of each ticket. After a while, as the orchestra became better and better, we started choosing the BFO’s concerts more and more frequently – to the point where the only performances we would visit were the BFO’s.

Our children and grandchildren are also concertgoers. I buy their tickets for them because I think it is very important for them to have the kind of close relationship with music that we have had during our lives together."

Photo: Gábor Máté