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“I consider my newfound free time a gift”


“I consider my newfound free time a gift”

Quarantine Minutes with Gyöngyvér Oláh

We launched our series, entitled “Quarantine Minutes,” so as not to lose touch with one another even during these difficult times. We spoke with our musicians to hear how they’re dealing with their new circumstances in light of the coronavirus epidemic. How have their lives changed? Are they able to find anything positive in their situation? What music do they recommend for you? How have they transformed their ways of making music? We hope you enjoy hearing from violinist Gyöngyvér Oláh.

What music would you recommend for our audiences while they are isolated at home? What do you listen to and what do you like to play to improve your mood?

I highly recommend the New York Metropolitan Opera’s recordings in HD to everyone. The Met highlights a different opera on its website each night, featuring some of the most fabulous performers. This is the perfect opportunity to become engrossed in the genre of the opera.

What do you do in the time you otherwise would have spent with the orchestra? Who do you make music with at home, and how?

I consider my newfound free time a gift. I spend a great many hours each day with my instrument: this is an opportunity for some thorough solo practice. I can take all the time I want to with the most beautiful pieces in violin literature. This is infinite freedom, when I can simply play whatever I wish to.

Have you learned anything new during the quarantine? Have you perhaps picked up any new habits?

Sports and exercise have always been important parts of my life. Because I cannot go swimming right now, and cannot attend group pilates or yoga classes, I have joined the camps of those engaging in online yoga and meditation. I also have time for some long walks outside, observing nature’s small miracles and changes as winter turns to spring before our very eyes! I also very much like reading outdoors. I consider reading works in their original languages a challenge.

What do you miss the most right now?

I very much miss, of course, the orchestra and the concerts, the audiences and the tours. I miss my friends, the theaters, the museums and long hikes. But more than that, I miss seeing our family. We cannot visit my mother, and we cannot visit my husband’s parents or his grandmother. We have also had two babies born in the family recently, so we are only able to see them virtually.

What do you like about the quarantine?

I feel it is a benefit that we are living, a little bit, in a way that had been unimaginable until now, given our lifestyles. I cook each day; never before have we had lunch so often at home together with my husband! I bake bread three times a week, and what I’m particularly proud of is that I knead my own dough!

Is there anything in your life you never had time for before, but always wanted to do - and now you’ve been able to try?

I love knitting. I have not had time until now to continue the sweater I started knitting during the long flight we were on during our last tour. Could the 24 hours we have in a day be too few?!

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