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A revelation and a miracle: as if the concert routine of “the before time” was back


A revelation and a miracle: as if the concert routine of “the before time” was back

We asked our patrons

We, the musicians and the staff of BFO, are delighted beyond words to be able to finally rejoin our audience for several concerts after a long hiatus. We asked members of the BFO Patrons about their experiences of hearing the Budapest Festival Orchestra perform live again in September. We appreciate their valuable feedback and their continued loyalty. See you on October 13 or 14 at the Liszt Academy!

It recharged my spirits

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy these two concerts. I needed it badly to break free of the challenging situation we are currently facing and charge our batteries to be able to cope more easily with the difficulties ahead. Thank you for the magnificent concerts and hats off to the Budapest Festival Orchestra!

Best regards, Dr. Mária Magdolna Szent-Martoni

The Sunday Chamber Music Concert was Amazing

We’d like to thank you for the Sunday concert. It was truly amazing! We think it was the best Sunday Chamber Music Concert we have ever been to, even though there have been many excellent performances. Zsolt Fejérvári gave an astounding performance of the sonata in A minor both technically and musically. Of course we’ve always known he had amazing skills, but this was something extraordinary.

And the octet was beyond imagination. By agreeing to give a performance and play together, the principals have treated us to a concert of outstanding quality. Of course it is a great piece of music but this rendition made me listen with bated breath.

Thank you all very much! Gábor Glatt

A tremendous experience

We were delighted to enjoy a performance by this orchestra we greatly respect and admire again. We missed listening to “live” music. The two concerts at Müpa Budapest and the bonus concert last Sunday were a tremendous experience. We hope that none of the other performances will be cancelled. We wish all of you good health, success for your performances and perseverance.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ármay and István Apáthy

“We were hit by one brilliant surprise after the next”

It was a great pleasure to listen to a live BFO concert again. Sadly, only about 30% of the audience turned up for the second season pass concert (September 26). We had a very hard time dealing with that even though this shared musical experience is always preferable to listening to a CD at home. Haydn was great as expected, I was a bit concerned about Britten but in the end both pieces were a pleasant surprise. On the other hand, the only thing that kept me from falling asleep during the MacMillan piece was propriety. I felt extremely sorry for the orchestra and the conductor, thinking it must have been very taxing to be forced to wear a mask while playing. I was hit by one brilliant surprise after the next - the French horn player who first disappeared and then sneaked back was a huge sensation. Hoping to see you in November live under more pleasant circumstances, with best regards,

Lilla Matos

The applause was for the BFO’s courage and our hopes

I truly enjoyed the concerts in September. I went to both concerts included in my Reiner B season pass. The applause wasn’t just for the performance, but also for eternal courage and our hopes to see each other again.

Best regards, Mariann Veress

“The half-filled concert room resounded with applause as if it had been completely full”

I was there at both symphony orchestra concerts, and it nearly broke my heart to see how few members of the audience turned up. In spite of this, to my great pleasure, there was a good atmosphere and the half-filled concert room resounded with applause as if it had been completely full. I was looking forward to enjoying music live so badly that only coming down with the virus could have kept me from going. In fact, not being able to go would have made me sick - I needed it to sustain my immune system. (Also, something I don’t get is why people who are not concerned about shopping, having a coffee or an ice cream or using the public transportation feel concerned about going to concerts.)

Anikó Garai

We greatly appreciate that in addition to classics, they also play unknown pieces

After so many excellent Quarantine Soirées it was a splendid experience to listen to live music. It was a great pleasure to see your musicians and Iván Fischer again. We greatly appreciate that in addition to classics, they also play unknown pieces, this time from Great Britain for example. It was an extraordinary experience to enjoy two chamber music concerts, where we were able to see and listen to your excellent musicians from really up close. I hope we can make it to the next concert in November even though recent virus updates have been discouraging. Stay safe!

Mihály Korodi

A revelation and a miracle: as if the concert routine of “the before time” was back

It was fantastic! Though the live concert at the rehearsal room already felt like a revelation, the one in Müpa Budapest was nothing short of a miracle. It was as if the concert routine of “the before time” had returned. Thank you so much! We wish you good health and look forward to November.

My favorite orchestra

As holders of a pair of Reiner season passes we enjoyed both September concerts with my husbands and also some mask-free time on the terrace during the intermission, though naturally keeping the 2-meter social distance. Our friends did not yet dare join us - maybe next time...I wish you all continued success with your concerts and good health! Sincerely yours with love,

Klára Bein

The photo is used as an illustration and was taken in November 2018.