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Benefits, levels and how to join

The following membership fees and discounts refer to the calendar year 2020.

Click at the BFO Patrons levels below to view the detailed list of benefits and to join the Club. If you make a donation to BFO Patrons, you will become a member automatically. For discounts and the best user experience possible, please register to our website!

Members are eligible to book their season tickets before the general audience.


Tuesday, May 26: The Conductor’s Circle

  • Beginning at 10 a.m.: The Conductor’s Circle – gold
  • Beginning at 1 p.m.: The Conductor’s Circle – silver
  • Beginning at 4 p.m.: The Conductor’s circle – bronze

Wednesday, May 27: Benefactors

  • Beginning at 10 a.m.: Gold Benefactors
  • Beginning at 1 p.m.: Silver Benefactors
  • Beginning at 4 p.m.: Bronze Benefactors

Thursday, May 28 Beginning at 10 a.m.: Gold Supporters

Friday, May 29 Beginning at 10 a.m.: Silver Supporters

Wednesday, 3 June Beginning at 10 a.m.: Bronze Supporters

Supporters under the age of 35 will receive a 50% discount from the annual membership fees listed in the table above.
You can choose to pay your donation in monthly installments.
For more details please contact us at the email address or by calling the number +36 1 489 4330.

The BFO reserves the right to make occasional modifications or withdraw specific club membership benefits as it sees fit. Due to circumstances beyond the BFO’s control, at some performances the full range of club membership benefits may not be available.