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BFO Music Fair and Family Day: Eliza, the Music Detective – theatre activity for children with Eliza Sodró

Budapest History Museum – Aquincum Museum and Archeological Park, Education tent
May28, 11:20 A.M.
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The session will be recorded.

Other information

The event is about 40 minutes long.

About the event

Tickets for the new season will be on sale at the BFO Music Fair and Family Day on May 28. The all-day event will include chamber concerts, concerts and games for children, craft activities and folk dance, and tickets for the concerts of the 2022–23 season will be also available for purchase.

The concerts will take place in different venues of the museum. For information on how to reach the venue, click HERE.

The season brochure for the new season can be found HERE, and season tickets HERE. For more information about our tickets, season passes and prices, please visit THIS page.