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Iván Fischer concludes his critically acclaimed Mahler cycle


Iván Fischer concludes his critically acclaimed Mahler cycle

The brand new release of Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra is available worldwide. Das Lied von der Erde by Gustav Mahler concludes their wonderful Mahler cycle don't miss to listen to it.

Iván Fischer tells us: “Mahler’s work has a certain lyricism to it that is incredibly moving... You can hear a certain love, especially in the slow movements. Almost a divine kind of love, it flows, endlessly. In Das Lied von der Erde for instance the long, endlessly stretched crescendo on the single note "e" (filled with so much desire) leads to the final part of Abschied, which I can only describe with the word ‘cosmic’. The voice is surrounded by floating meteors, objects, particles or stars, which move in various directions and speeds. We have left the atmosphere and look back on the beautiful green and blue planet. Conducting Mahler is sharing with the audience what I hear, my experience of his music.”

“Iván Fischer’s Mahler cycle draws to a blazing close. Here’s a must-have for Mahler fans. (...) The BFO’s playing makes this a standout performance. It’s fresh and irrepressible.” - The Guardian, September 2020

Find the recordings here.