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“I’m at peace with this quiet period”


“I’m at peace with this quiet period”

Quarantine Minutes with Zsófia Lezsák

We launched our series, entitled “Quarantine Minutes,” so as not to lose touch with one another even during these difficult times. We spoke with our musicians to hear how they’re dealing with their new circumstances in light of the coronavirus epidemic. How have their lives changed? Are they able to find anything positive in their situation? What music do they recommend for you? How have they transformed their ways of making music? We hope you enjoy hearing from violinist Zsófia Lezsák.

What music would you recommend for our audiences while they are isolated at home? What do you listen to and what do you like to play to improve your mood?

Above all, I would recommend easy listening, some joyful classical music for the hours we spend in isolation: they lift your soul and fill it with positive energy, making our attitudes and moods more optimistic.

What do you do in the time you otherwise would have spent with the orchestra? Who do you make music with at home, and how?

I have no problem passing the time, because I have to deal with tending to my children while managing the initial difficulties of online instruction. We still make time each day for a short walk in the quiet streets nearby and for playing ping-pong in the neighborhood park. As far as making music at home – because of all the other activities –, that is limited right now to practicing the pieces of the Quarantine Soirées as well as listening to and assisting my 11-year-old son’s cello lessons. Gradually, as a daily schedule which we can keep to takes shape, maybe we will eventually have time for a simple violin-cello duet or two.

Have you learned anything new during the quarantine? Have you perhaps picked up any new habits?

I have started exercising and meditating every day. I pay more attention to my physical and inner balance. Later, in addition to orchestral music and other chamber music performances, I also want to work with children. I am thinking about developing and realizing a new, assistive-type development method, and I am reading books about the topic.

What do you miss the most right now?

Most of all I miss the company of others, conversations and all the laughter; but I’m at peace with this quiet period, too.

What do you like about the quarantine?

The quarantine is a good time to slow down a little. We have more time for talking with our children and parents; but we also have time to quiet down within ourselves and sort out our feelings and thoughts.

Is there anything in your life you never had time for before, but always wanted to do - and now you’ve been able to try?

I have no desire to experience anything particular. I think that we, musicians, generally lead colorful, busy and special lives. Now, all the travel and the bright concert halls are replaced by silence, by turning inwards and caring for one another. I am glad to have the time to experience those small, but important things that I rarely had the time for in the past. Cooking together, playing, telling stories, talking...

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