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Budapest Festival Orchestra announces 2022– 23 concert season


Budapest Festival Orchestra announces 2022– 23 concert season

Would you like to join the happiest club in Hungary? Get your season ticket and enjoy the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

The new season’s keynote is provided, again, by an extraordinary opera, with world-famous Swedish soprano Miah Persson in the leading role. And why has Iván Fischer chosen Britten’s The Turn of the Screw? “Because it is highly relevant to our times: it is about different realities. Some can see the ghosts, some can’t. Those who can see them don’t believe that the others can’t. As if we were looking for the truth in different bubbles.”

In addition to Mahler’s ninth, or Schubert’s symphony in C major (“The Great”), we have chosen, invariably, the third from among the symphonies of Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninov and Saint-Saëns – not at all deliberately, while perhaps there are no coincidences. Maybe this number 3 implies that the trinity of our audiences, our orchestra, and the music creates the magic, the reason that “the BFO’s core audience is perhaps the happiest club in Budapest and Hungary”, as Iván Fischer puts it. Talking about numbers, this time next year, György Ligeti, the fantastic composer, who we will commemorate on several occasions in the upcoming season would have been 100 years old; you may listen to his unique pieces at both the Liszt Academy and Müpa Budapest.

Our new season’s brochure is a symbol of stability in the uncertainty that we have experienced for almost exactly two years. This year, the models for the pictures in the brochure were members of our orchestra, our team and our audience. The concept behind the photos is, of course, rather extraordinary: our models, each having listened to a different orchestral piece from this season, talked about their feelings and thoughts and then, based on their fantasies, photographer László Mészáros created a unique and picturesque series.

Season passes will be available to members of the public from April 7, but our patrons will have the chance to book their favorite seats form March 22. Click here for information on early bird dates for patrons.