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The BFO amazes teenagers


The BFO amazes teenagers

We were rehearsing Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique with Sir Mark Elder when a group of 18-year-olds from the Kerék Elementary and High School paid us a visit. Later, they sent us their feedback, which revealed just how amazed they were to find themselves captivated by classical music!

“The BFO showed us why they’re one of the best orchestras in the world. It all comes down to professionalism, a great deal of practice, and the conductor’s perfectionism. At several points, the conductor would just silently pay attention, checking for even the most minute mistakes. Whenever he heard something, he’d stop the rehearsal immediately. He’d then spend several minutes explaining what the problem was, and have them replay that part over and over.”


“I found the English conductor’s work very interesting. I liked how he adjusted even those tiny notes that I hadn’t even noticed. I also enjoyed seeing how the entire orchestra was on the same wavelength.”


“Each of us in the class approached the rehearsal differently. Some were curious, some were completely indifferent. But everyone was certainly happy to spend the day away from school. What I heard was music made by a group whose members were very much used to playing together. It was good to see such a cohesive company.”


“It was a remarkably interesting performance, or rather, rehearsal. I was worried that it would bore me, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised. I very much liked getting a glimpse behind the scenes of a classical music orchestra. I can recommend this wholeheartedly to school groups, because it really is a great experience. It was also ideal for practicing a foreign language, as the orchestra was led by an English conductor.”


“Up until now, I had not particularly been a fan of this genre - that is, until the conductor from Manchester spoke up. He certainly knew what he was doing, and was a charismatic personality. At first, the most interesting thing was to see how he directed the orchestra, and how involved he became with his task. We truly felt that we were listening to one of the best orchestras in Europe. From that point on, I was interested in the music.”


“It was interesting to see how a rehearsal works and how they play the piece over and over again. The conductor was kind and funny, but he was also striving for perfection. I hope I’ll have an opportunity to attend performances like this again.”


“I was interested in what a group of eighteen-year-olds, each with different musical tastes, would think of a classical music concert lasting several hours. It was surprisingly a hit with all of them. It was exciting to be offered a glimpse into a musical world that we had not been familiar with before. We saw just how much work and perseverance it takes on the part of several dozen people to perform a piece just a few minutes long.”


“Thank you for inviting us to the dress rehearsal of one of your performances! Many young people never get close enough to classical music. It was interesting to see a rehearsal and how much attention it demands. The musicians we spoke with were also very nice. The informational booklet was interesting, and the game was a great idea. I also thoroughly enjoyed the piece itself. They chose the best and most poignant of the five movements.”


“This was the first time that members of the class had attended a classical music performance. The atmosphere of the rehearsal was terrific - everyone was cheerful, and the group was open to taking in the music. The artists played wonderfully, so the performance was interesting, even for students not versed in classical music. On behalf of the entire class, I can say that we enjoyed the visit and hope to have many more similar experiences.”


“Our class took part in a dress rehearsal of the Festival Orchestra. We received a warm and positive welcome. Before the rehearsal, they shared a bit of information about what we would be hearing. It was interesting to see how the conductor was ‘living and breathing’ the piece. It was a long rehearsal, but it held our attention. It had a very positive effect on me.”


“It was very interesting to see how they make a piece of classical music work, and how they put the finishing touches to it. I think many people would change their attitude to classical music if they could participate in one of these events.”


“Classical music. Most young people have pretty negative thoughts bouncing around in their heads when they hear these words. Maybe they know the names of Beethoven or Mozart, but don’t really explore classical music any further. I was the same way. So, when our class teacher announced that we would be going to a rehearsal, I was more excited about getting out of school, and had no idea that what I’d hear there would give me a new perspective. First, I was struck by the warm welcome, and then by the friendly atmosphere of the rehearsal hall. For me, the conductor’s pieces of advice and the musicians’ enthusiasm made the rehearsal complete. You could sense their complete satisfaction when they succeeded in getting a specific detail absolutely perfect.”


“[…] I also liked the good atmosphere in the hall. The musicians were in a great mood, and it completely spread to us. I personally feel that playing soccer is, to me, what playing music is like to these artists. Soccer always gets me in a good mood, and I enjoy the whole thing. I think these musicians feel the same about making music. So, for me, this classical music performance was a very good experience, and I’d be very happy to visit another such performance in the future.”


“Personally, I was worried that it would be boring, but that was not the case! I had never before been to such a performance, and I enjoyed it very much!”