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The Night of Music – Classics Only

The Night of Music – Classics Only

On November 13, BFO musicians will leave concert halls behind them, and dive right into Budapest’s nightlife to give the patrons of the most popular pubs, cafés and clubs in Budapest a truly special Saturday night experience. This year free mini concerts by our musicians are offered to music lovers on both banks of the River Danube as part of the most casual classical music event of the fall season, The Night of Music – Classics Only.

For the fifth time, the most popular places in Budapest will be filled with classical music during The Night of Music. The program of the event includes casual free mini concerts given by the chamber formations of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Annie Fischer award-winning young talents performing from afternoon till late at night.

The list of venues involved in the program and the detailed program of the concerts will be published in the second half of October.

The Night of Music is an event co-produced by the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Budapest Brand Nonprofit Zrt., and sponsored by the Municipality of Budapest.

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